Monday, May 12, 2008

Bulletin Funf - Krussian Fromage holed by DreiKoller bayonets

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Rushing back to defend the HomeLand from the puppet Krussians...the First Army met the Krussian force near the town of Bad Oister. The Dreikoller were particularly motivated moving in a steady line toward the cocky Krussians. Both forces massed their cavalry strength on the Dreikoller Right... alas at the moment of truth the glorious DreiKoller cavalry charge was thwarted as the Krussians attacked first while infiltrating some cowardly Krossacks behind our line causing the First Consul to flee for his life and undermining our cavalry's resolve... in a dubious maneouvre that even raised eyebrows in the High Court of Mustafa....

While the right cavalry wing crumbled, the First Consul would not be cowered and sent in the elite infantry collectives whose shooting once again facilitated a breakthru in the centre of the Krussian line.. As the Dreikoller columns dealt a final breakthru the Krussian General Krum was last seen running for his carriage.....leaving incriminating dispatches ..

Bulletin Tot - Pricking the Bishop

In the often ignored southern theatre , Dreikoller sent the Second Consul to spread the revolution to the Bishopric of Waldenstein. Waldenstein's small professional army quickly repulsed the ill prepared Army de Sud however when counter-attacking the following week the Second Consul (or "little corporal "as he is fondly known by his men ) dealt the Waldensteiners a back-hand blow that should see them quiet for some time. The battles were notable in that Dreikoller has been testing a number of new techniques which will influence the nature of battles going forward.

Bulletin Drei - Fancypants put to Flight

Given their cool reception to their liberating attempts in the lands of Krussia, the Dreikoller Peoples Council decided to look to Lichtengrein for an outlet of its revolutionary zeal. Pampered by their foppish King Rupert, the immaculately dressed Lichtengreiner troops certainly looked the part...but could they fight??
Rupert met our forces on the fields of SweinPeat... Rupert had obviously paid attention in his BattleGround lessons...choosing to defend between a swamp and a steep defensible hill. Placing himself on the hill (A) with his perfumed grenadiers Rupert seemed very confused on how to motivate his army despite his underserved leadership reputation(good)....Meanwhile on our side the First Consul(1) chose to use the fine Peoples Mounted Guard to thrust to the left while refusing his right and pushing the crack Infantry Collectives in the centre...
While Rupert procrastinated ..the Peoples Mounted Guard battered the Lichtengrein left flank which eventually crumbled as our mercenary border Krossacks undermined their exposed flank. Meanwhile in the centre the DreiKoller Infantry Collectives delivered crushing volleys into the Lichtengrein understrength regiments that simply fled rather have their fine threads holed by our bayonets...
Rupert finally got his splendid Grenadiers to march off the hill only to turn them around and retreat as the catastrophe of his centre was exposed. A general Lichtengreiner rout ensued with our fresh Hussars and Krossack adding blood red to the Lichtengreiner costume...
The victorious Dreikoller troops promptly coined the very popular children's ditti..."Fine Fine Prince Rupert ...he marched his troops down the hill and marched them back again"
An attempt to bring Rupert to battle a week later saw him cower behind his fortifications...prefering to use cowardly diplomacy to agitate the Krussian to thrust at the homeland while the main army was engaged...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bulletin Zwei: First attempt to export revolution thwarted!!!

Following the repulse of the Krussian invader, the confidant Dreikollers forces march into Krussia to free the people from the Krussian totalitarian yoke.

Despite the Dreikoller being the invader it was the Krussians that surged across the plain to come to grips with the pondering Dreikoller mass. While the revolutionary zealots urged on the Dreikoller columns it was the Dreikoller aristocratic heavy cavalry that couldn’t wait to come to grips the awaiting Krussian mounted guards. While initial successful the weakened force was swept away by the counter charge led by Krussian Count Krum the Valorous who was often seen in the front line urging the Krussian Guards to greater efforts. Meanwhile the Dreikoller columns finally smashed into the Krussian lines only to bounce off except the far right where the Fanatic FirstCitizen Regiment overwhelmed a unit of Krussian Foot guards. Attempts by the Dreikoller Hussars (supported by a next to useless experimental howitzer unit) to roll the Krussian Krossacks on the right flank was valiantly beaten off by Krim the Kruel another valiant Krussian cavalry chief….. Despite the Dreikoller lining up for a second crack at the Krussian line the lateness of the day saw a premature conclusion to the battle..of which admittedly the Krussians had had the best of ….(given they had broken the Dreikoller left wing…)

A draw in slight favour of the Krussians was the result…and the invading army of Dreikoller dejectedly returned to the lands of the Republic…to absorb the lessons of this repulse..

Monday, March 31, 2008

Bulletin Ein: Krussian attempts to quash the Revolution Dashed!!!

Dreikoller…(modelled on revo France in the red) …fought Krussia (a Prussian/Russian Hybrid…in the blue) 150 pts with avg commanders….Krussian force was mainly Prussian Shooting Infantry + hordes of irreg cav (Krossacks) …while Dreikoller had lots of Infantry in column with reasonable cav

Table had large wood in the slightly off centre and a strategically centrally placed town…

The Krussian troops had the early advantage (2nd setup+1st move) the Krossacks swarmed into the wood. Meanwhile a Dreikoller unit of Irregs seized the town and while the infantry moved into the woods ready to volley the Cossacks.
The Krossacks then unexpectedly withdrew as the Krussian inf moved to the edge of the woods (worst possible spot as here it suffered a -3 to HtoH and enemy got saving throws from shooting being in cover),.

Meanwhile the Krussian put some savage volleys into the town virtually destroying the Dreikoller Kroats…and the Dreikoller columns failed vs stout Krussian guard…then the Krussians made their grave error…thinking the town subdued they left a small gap(chink??) between their troops which allowed the Dreikoller Kroats to exit the town and position themselves on the Krussian flanks…this, plus good rolling, saw the Dreikoller infantry roll over the flanked Krussians supported by Chevaux Leger charges…The Dreikoller victory was also assisted by the Krussian Left wing commander being totally drunk as he failed to activate twice in row. This allowed the Dreikoller to peel open the Krussian force like a banana …once the initial breakthrough was achieved..