Monday, March 31, 2008

Bulletin Ein: Krussian attempts to quash the Revolution Dashed!!!

Dreikoller…(modelled on revo France in the red) …fought Krussia (a Prussian/Russian Hybrid…in the blue) 150 pts with avg commanders….Krussian force was mainly Prussian Shooting Infantry + hordes of irreg cav (Krossacks) …while Dreikoller had lots of Infantry in column with reasonable cav

Table had large wood in the slightly off centre and a strategically centrally placed town…

The Krussian troops had the early advantage (2nd setup+1st move) the Krossacks swarmed into the wood. Meanwhile a Dreikoller unit of Irregs seized the town and while the infantry moved into the woods ready to volley the Cossacks.
The Krossacks then unexpectedly withdrew as the Krussian inf moved to the edge of the woods (worst possible spot as here it suffered a -3 to HtoH and enemy got saving throws from shooting being in cover),.

Meanwhile the Krussian put some savage volleys into the town virtually destroying the Dreikoller Kroats…and the Dreikoller columns failed vs stout Krussian guard…then the Krussians made their grave error…thinking the town subdued they left a small gap(chink??) between their troops which allowed the Dreikoller Kroats to exit the town and position themselves on the Krussian flanks…this, plus good rolling, saw the Dreikoller infantry roll over the flanked Krussians supported by Chevaux Leger charges…The Dreikoller victory was also assisted by the Krussian Left wing commander being totally drunk as he failed to activate twice in row. This allowed the Dreikoller to peel open the Krussian force like a banana …once the initial breakthrough was achieved..

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abdul666 said...

Was an artist present, to draw pictures of the battle?
"Dreikoller…(modelled on revo France )": in 1790 dress, or in 'fully Lace Wars' uniforms like Lichtengrein?
Looking forward to learn more about Dreikoller & Krussia,
aka Louys de