Monday, May 12, 2008

Bulletin Tot - Pricking the Bishop

In the often ignored southern theatre , Dreikoller sent the Second Consul to spread the revolution to the Bishopric of Waldenstein. Waldenstein's small professional army quickly repulsed the ill prepared Army de Sud however when counter-attacking the following week the Second Consul (or "little corporal "as he is fondly known by his men ) dealt the Waldensteiners a back-hand blow that should see them quiet for some time. The battles were notable in that Dreikoller has been testing a number of new techniques which will influence the nature of battles going forward.

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krussia said...

for those not from these parts, 'technique' is a dreikoller brand of cheese famous for its pungent stench and ability to catch in the back of your throat. It takes a particularly peasant-like constitution to stomach it.