Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bulletin Zwei: First attempt to export revolution thwarted!!!

Following the repulse of the Krussian invader, the confidant Dreikollers forces march into Krussia to free the people from the Krussian totalitarian yoke.

Despite the Dreikoller being the invader it was the Krussians that surged across the plain to come to grips with the pondering Dreikoller mass. While the revolutionary zealots urged on the Dreikoller columns it was the Dreikoller aristocratic heavy cavalry that couldn’t wait to come to grips the awaiting Krussian mounted guards. While initial successful the weakened force was swept away by the counter charge led by Krussian Count Krum the Valorous who was often seen in the front line urging the Krussian Guards to greater efforts. Meanwhile the Dreikoller columns finally smashed into the Krussian lines only to bounce off except the far right where the Fanatic FirstCitizen Regiment overwhelmed a unit of Krussian Foot guards. Attempts by the Dreikoller Hussars (supported by a next to useless experimental howitzer unit) to roll the Krussian Krossacks on the right flank was valiantly beaten off by Krim the Kruel another valiant Krussian cavalry chief….. Despite the Dreikoller lining up for a second crack at the Krussian line the lateness of the day saw a premature conclusion to the battle..of which admittedly the Krussians had had the best of ….(given they had broken the Dreikoller left wing…)

A draw in slight favour of the Krussians was the result…and the invading army of Dreikoller dejectedly returned to the lands of the Republic…to absorb the lessons of this repulse..

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