Monday, May 12, 2008

Bulletin Funf - Krussian Fromage holed by DreiKoller bayonets

Picture coming

Rushing back to defend the HomeLand from the puppet Krussians...the First Army met the Krussian force near the town of Bad Oister. The Dreikoller were particularly motivated moving in a steady line toward the cocky Krussians. Both forces massed their cavalry strength on the Dreikoller Right... alas at the moment of truth the glorious DreiKoller cavalry charge was thwarted as the Krussians attacked first while infiltrating some cowardly Krossacks behind our line causing the First Consul to flee for his life and undermining our cavalry's resolve... in a dubious maneouvre that even raised eyebrows in the High Court of Mustafa....

While the right cavalry wing crumbled, the First Consul would not be cowered and sent in the elite infantry collectives whose shooting once again facilitated a breakthru in the centre of the Krussian line.. As the Dreikoller columns dealt a final breakthru the Krussian General Krum was last seen running for his carriage.....leaving incriminating dispatches ..

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krussia said...

nice reports.

i realise that historical accuracy is probably a step too far for the bulliten, but krumm is dead (killed by couchaffian cavalry) 'twas rechtflenker who was the man in charge.